Resin Ribbons

Data Sheet

  • R90
  • Z400
  • R91
  • R100
  • SR110
  • SR130

Indicated substrates

  • Polyester films;
  • Polyethylene;
  • Polypropylene and trans thermal;
  • BOPP;
  • Plastic labels;
  • Flexible films and packaging;
  • PVC;
  • Aluminized labels;
  • Laminated papers.

The Resin and Super Resin Ribbons are perfect for applications that needs a big resistance against higher and lower temperatures and chemical products. The high printing durability is result from a special formulation that provides a big resistance and great quality. Theres in ribbon is ideal for pharmaceutical industries, electronics, automotive, chemicals, beside others.

Super Resin Color: SR130G / SR130S / SR 130W

Super Resin: Extreme resistance to the heat, 600 oC.